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Physical Therapy

Physical TherapyThe benefits of physical therapy are many, including pain reduction, better mobility, faster recovery, and more thorough recovery. It’s also a great way to reduce or prevent the need for surgery, prevent future injuries, and improve athletic performance. At Century Spine Center in Easton, physical therapy is often implemented to help with back and neck pain, too.

Physical Therapy in Easton

One thing Dr. Michael Zuschnitt, D.C. is big on when it comes to physical therapy is patient education to promote the best possible outcome. We take the time to explain what the physical therapy treatment is, why we’re implementing it, and how you can build off of it for optimal healing and recovery.

Education also helps our patients trust us and makes it clear that we don’t over treat. We help make sure you don’t overdo it and give your body the chance to recover. This allows your body to heal properly and quickly so you can get back to where you were before injury. Here are a few of our physical therapy protocols:

Stretching - Stiffness is the enemy of healing and recovery. Often, stretching is the best way to combat that. It helps preserve range of motion and increases flexibility, both of which factor into injury prevention. When you’re nice and limber, this translates into better blood flow. The more easily your body can send blood to an injury site, the more efficient the healing process thanks to the extra oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Heat/Cold - Two very simple therapies with great benefits, we apply heat or ice, depending on your needs. Cold therapy helps reduce inflammation and swelling while providing some pain relief. Heat therapy gets blood flowing and relaxes muscles so you can move better again.

E-Stim - Short for electrical stimulation, e-stim involves the application of electrodes to injury sites to stimulate neural activity. E-stim targets nerves while leaving muscles alone thanks to utilizing specific wavelengths. This can provide pain relief and depending on the type of e-stim, can reduce swelling and speed up the healing process.

Myofascial Release - Myofascial release is a style of massage that aims to provide pain relief by relaxing what are called trigger points. Trigger points are specific spots in skeletal muscle that can produce pain when tight. Massaging them via myofascial release can relax your body and relieve pain and tension.

Traction - Traction is the practice of treating the neck and lower back without drugs or surgery. You lie on a specially designed table that’s guided by a computer to help increase space between vertebrae. The extra space takes pressure off your discs and nerves, increases range of motion in your spine, and makes for better blood flow. More blood flow means more healing nutrients for your spine.

Dr. Zuschnitt is confident you’ll know immediately after entering Century Spine Center that you made a good health decision, and that you’ll always get the personal care you need. You’ll never be treated like just another patient, nor will you be herded in and out of the office like cattle. Dr. Zuschnitt takes the time to listen to your concerns and address your specific needs.

His goal is simple: get you out of pain and back to a normal life as quickly as possible. You’ll be diagnosed to the highest degree of medical knowledge using the best orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic testing, and by the end of your appointment you’ll understand why you hurt and what you can do about it.

If your condition is not within our scope of practice, we’ll refer you to the appropriate healthcare professional.